Saturday, 11 May 2019

Saxon Line Infantry - Black Hussar 28mm

Saxon line infantry completed. Excellent Black Hussar miniatures again for these.

The Saxon regiments in 1810-13 were distinguished by their facing colours (red, yellow, blue, green), each colour having a regiment with brass and another with pewter buttons, making a total of 8 regiments. These regiments were named after their Inhaber or Owner/Patron. I've painted up the four regiments with brass buttons.

The great Rawkin's Saxon book has contains a wealth of information for painting, as well as interesting history.  In 1806 many of the Saxon Regimental Officers were nobility of advanced years, and criticised by the Saxon General Ferdinand von Funck as lacking in military knowledge, in addition to the mental and physical vigour necessary for campaigning. The average age of Colonels was 65, and Captains 55. Heinrick von Boblick, Commandant of the Konig regiment was 90 years old, though fortunately he had a youthful 72 year old deputy to assist him...  With later reforms better trained and more capable officers were available though.

Here's the Konig Regiment with red facings and brass buttons. The officer for this regiment is in steel gray Dienstuniform (service uniform) which was an alternative to the standard dress coat the officers of the other three regiments are wearing. It was authorised for all service except parades. The von Niesemeuschel regiment also had red facings but pewter buttons. 


One detail of these Black Hussar Models is that the sabre/bayonet pouchcomes separately and must be glued on. This allows for a more realistic model appearance, though being a wargamer I'd also be  happy with the less fiddly pre-molded versions!

Prinz Maximilian Regiment, with yellow facings and brass buttons. The von Rechten regiment also had yellow facings but pewter buttons.

Prinz Anton Regiment with blue facings and brass buttons. The von Low regiment also had blue facings but pewter buttons.

Prinz Friedrich August Regiment with green facings and brass buttons. The Prinz Clemens regiment also had green facings but pewter buttons.

Thanks for looking, up next will likely be the Saxon Artillery.

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Saxon Leib Grenadier Guard - Black Hussar 28mm

Saxon Leib Guard Grenadiers - looking fab in their bright red, yellow and white and black bearskin. One of the best looking uniforms of the Napoleonic era I think! These are Black Hussar models once again.

The Saxon Leib Grenadier Guard guarded Napoleon during his stay in Leipzig 1813. Together with the Polish Guard and Velites of Florence and Turin, they formed a new division of the Old Guard at this time.

Prior to 1809 many were middle aged and rather too invested in non-military pursuits (i.e. corruption during peacetime duties!) according to Rawkins. Due to this they struggled to muster a single battalion of 500 men, but reforms in 1810 increased the numbers to two battalions.  In 1813 a single battalion of 600 men was raised.

Calot (cloth patch) of bearskin was yellow with a red grenade motif, which I did a stylised  impression of this here. Officers had a red calot with silver grenade. Bearskins were black or sometimes dark brown.

Thanks for looking, with these more specialist units done, now it's time for some Saxon line infantry.

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Saxon Light Infantry - Black Hussar 28mm

Light Infantry for the Saxons, Black Hussar Miniatures once again. These are available in advancing pose (4 different models, plus 3 command). 

I don't always add piping as it tends to be invisible on the wargaming table from regular viewing distance (though not in close up photos like these of course!). But given the fairly dark green and black uniform and small numbers of figures here, I decided to add a bit more colour with the red piping.

Helpful hint - Saxon muskets have red leather slings rather than white. I had painted all these and the next unit's white so had to go back and repaint them all!

I also added this faithful dog to the unit - another Black Hussar model if I recall correctly. Paint scheme I did by copying a photo of my wife's late dog 'Zelda' who came to New Zealand from Saxony at much expense (over 3000 Euros due to biosecurity regulations we have here!) and lived to ripe old age of 17. She can now guard these Saxon Lights forever more. :)