Wednesday, 9 March 2022

French vs Russian/Prussian Battle

Back on the table after a bit of a break with some French Divisions coming up against a few  Russian/Prussian. Had a historical 1813 refight planned for yesterday too, but postponed due to mate's secretary coming down with Covid unfortunately. Good to get some Napoleonics on the table again today though :)

French right flank.

French columns storming the hamlets on their right.

French heavy cavalry and horse artillery on their left flank.

French storm and capture the built up area on their right with only light losses.

French columns making good use of the hilly terrain to shelter from Russian artillery.

French Cuirassiers overrun a Russian battery at some cost, but are counterattacked and routed by Russian Hussars.

The Russian Hussars pursue into a disordered French column which fails to form square, but gets lucky and blows them out of their saddles.

French columns smash Prussian/Russian veterans weakened by skirmishers.

Prussian Guard Cuirassiers break through the Fremnch line and sabre a battery.

French Dragoons lose to Russian Uhlans. Converted Victrix Lancers I think. 

Russian Guard Cuirassiers finally advance...

End of the game, Russians/Prussians have destroyed 12 units to break the French Army, and take an objective, for the loss of 8 units.

Wednesday, 6 October 2021

French Generals - Marshal Murat, 28mm

Making an entrance, here is the flamboyant Marshal Joachim Murat - King of Naples, Grand Duke of Berg, Grand Admiral of the French Empire, Prince of France, and "First Horseman in Europe". Known for his bravery and dashing cavalry charges, as well as attention to his appearance and ostentatious uniforms.

He is accompanied by two Old Guard Kettle Drummers, in photo on the left from the Polish Lancers, and on the right from the Mamelukes. Though I imagine he is unable to hear the drums over his thoughts of how fabulous he is looking today...

The figures are all by Gringo 40's. The two Kettledrummers are over the top companions I thought would complement Murat's personality and make him stand out even more on the table. Here they are cleaned up and assembled ready for painting.

The uniform in the sculpt is clearly based on this painting of Murat by Antoine-Jean Gros in 1811.

Here is another painting of him in 1806 at Eylau, leading one of ever so many cavalry charges.

Murat had humble origins, starting to train as a priest as his family wished, before running off to join the 12th Chasseurs. He was forced to resign and work as a clerk temporarily due to an affair, before returning to become a bold and brave cavalry general and rising to the legendary heights of leadership and other titles mentioned at the start of this post. See here for a brief colourful history of Murat.

I have a biography of Murat on Kindle I have yet to read, but this miniature piece is one I have long planned so happy to have it finished. :)

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Terrain - Renedra Castle

Blog has been a bit quiet, but I have not. Amongst other things I've painted up this rather large castle set. It is from Renedra and is their "Small Castle"(!) set. Small compared to their larger castle sets perhaps but quite large enough for me! I've added two ruined wall sections and another tower for some options.

I painted it quickly with only three shades of grey and drybrushing, and could be improved with some green brown washes to weather it no doubt. But good enough for wargaming for me.

The wall and tower sections are modular and can be fitted together to make different setups.

I did not buy this castle specifically for Napoleonics (and especially not the siege equipment below!) but it may well see some use for Napoleonics as there were many sieges or assaults on forts or walled cities during the Napoleonic period.

The siege equipment incidentally is from Ironheart Artisans Kings of War range.

Modern military forts for the Napoleonic time period were like this Star Fort below, which were considerably more effective at withstanding assault than the much earlier sort of castle this kit represents. However, star forts were very expensive to construct, and in many situations these older castles or city walls were still present and provided some protection. Blowing a hole in the wall of these older structures with cannon and then assaulting was a not uncommon tactic. For Napoleonic wargaming purposes, I may use this castle to represent sections of either city walls, castles, or perhaps even star forts with a bit of creative license and imagination!

For inspiration here are some pictures of Napoleonic Siege Warfare.

Siege of Badajoz.

An amazing 1/56th siege diorama of Siege of Badajoz, see some more pics here.

Siege of Zaragoza.

Siege of Burgos

Siege of San Sebastian

And not sure what this is,but some Prussians assaulting a high walled structure of some sort!

One detail I changed with this kit was the wall sections. As they come they give you about 4cm depth atop the wall, but I wanted to make it about 7.5cm so it can hold my artillery bases and larger units in other systems. I did this by doubling up the wall section dividers you get as below.

And adding a strip of black plasticard to expand the wall section as follows.

And some sprue for support given I removed the supports from the centre of the wall section.

Some ballast/sand across the top. I was going to do stonework, but stonework plasticard I ordered turned out to be too small and I was impatient to get it done!

And for the ruined wall section I did a similar process, adding some cork and greenstuff as below.

And ballast/sand again.

And again below how these wall sections look when painted.

And lastly the entire castle including siege towers above, JUST fits into a 60 litre container for storage and transport :)