Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Encounter Battle: Russian & Prussian vs Polish

Out of lockdown and back for some face to face Napoleonic games. Several locals are building new Napoleonic armies, with Matt and Andy managing to get a lot done over the past few months. Matt brought over the first of his Russians and Prussians (1000 points, including a few Brits subbing in for some of his artillery until he gets these ready).  Andy had 500 points of Poles. I added 500 points of my own Poles to Andy's to face off againt Matt's hordes.

Here's the initial deployment, with my Poles on the left, and Andy's Uhlans behind them, and Andy's infantry on our right.  Encounter battle under 321 Fastplay rules, so half of both side's Brigades start off table in reserve.  

The first of Matt's new Russian army advancing and looking very nice too!

Beginners luck as Andy's Polish Uhlans run down two fresh Prussian units! The first Prussians roll double six and fail to form square in time, and the other Prussians form square but break as the  Uhlans manage to skewer few with their lances. Polish breakthrough is stopped by remaining Prussians forming square.

In the centre, Russians storm over the ridge and through the Polish line.

Andy's Polish Infantry holds the hamlet all game, and throws back an attack by Russian Guard Heavy Cavalry.

On the left, I am desperately trying to hold our left flank, managing to knock back the first Russian/Prussian attack, by force marching up reserves.

An artillery battery overrun in the centre as Russian Guards are committed. Flanked but it had just blasted canister though two attack columns wrecking them and knocking them off a critical objective, so a fair trade...

More pressure on the left and I can't recover critical ground in time with my disordered line failing to charge. The battle is lost! Prussians have lost most of a large brigade, and Russians a few units. Polish have lost an entire brigade, plus an Uhlan and infantry regiment.  

A last volley into the Russians before the Poles retire from the field to fight another day.

Andy made this helpful annotated picture of how the battle went.

Lastly a pic of Andy's Poles - some great work kitbashing to make some campaign style Poles. Apparently the new GW contrast paints helped him get these done quickly, and they look great as you can see. He has more in process. Looking forward to some historical refights like Razyn, making use of the larger combined Pole force we can now field.

Saturday, 16 May 2020

Italian Artillery - 28mm Victrix

Some artillery support for the Italians. More Victrix figures used here, their 1804-1812 French Artillery set with 8 and 12 pdrs.

The kit comes with a variety of head options also including bearskins (for Guard Artillery), campaign shakos and bicornes and some bare heads, but I chose full dress shakos for all figures. Nice to have the option!

The guns also come with ammunition chests but left those off here for now.

12 pdrs are the two pieces on the left in pics above (and on right in pics below). They have larger barrels though a little hard to tell apart unless looking straight down upon them. I might need to paint the cuffs and collars of the 12 pounders in light blue as for 1st/Guardia Artillery so they are easier to tell apart! Other four guns are 8 pounders. 

There's a powder scoop arm option which was not really used at this time (but I stuck a couple in anyway).  

The bases are a bit small for the dynamic poses you get with plastics, as compared to metals, but managed to fit everything on. 50x100 bases would work better than these 50x75mm bases though.

Thanks for looking. On the painting desk at the moment more French and French Ally Generals.

Also for any other bloggers out there, it seems Blogger has changed the format for picture uploading in an annoying way (a simpler more restricted option) - but I was able to switch back to "classic blogger" format which works better thank goodness. You will find option on the bottom left menu.

Saturday, 2 May 2020

Italian Line Infantry - Victrix 28mm

I have finished doubling my Italian Line Infantry and now have four units of them. Been putting them off because the figures are the early Victrix figures which require a lot of assembly, and painting of yet more white uniforms. Virus lockdown, which looks like being almost over here in New Zealand thankfully, has been a good excuse to get these done!

The Italian infantry had a complicated system with slightly different combinations of green, red and white for facings of their uniforms, and there is a lot of source inconsistency as to what regiment was wearing what during different time periods.  I cheated here and just painted all of these in the 3rd/5th regiment scheme for ease of painting and putting on the table and storing.  Facings are mostly green.

If I do more Italians, (perhaps using Perry) I will do another four units with more of a red theme to the facings.

While I've done four units of 36, for the scale we most commonly play at they will be fielded as six units of 24. This gives me four line units like the following.

Plus a combined Grenadier unit.

And a combined Voltigeur unit.

I also did up these four skirmisher bases. Once again from the Victrix kit, and I have plenty left over for more skirmishers and command.

Next up is some Italian artillery. Two 1804-1812 Victrix French artillery sets are being used for these, to get the 8pdr and 12pdr guns and earlier uniform. After that perhaps some Italian light infantry. 

Thanks for looking! Hope you are all getting through this damnable pestilence ok, keep well!