Saturday, 13 September 2014

French Line on the workbench...

Spring is in the air. That happy time of year when I can get outside and use lots of smelly spray paint, and also assemble plastics with the windows wide open on account of the even more awful smelling plastic cement. Reading a recent blog post by Paul and discussing the idea of having some games got me inspired to make a start on the next round of reinforcements.

So it's back to Napoleonics, and time to make a serious dent in my unpainted French Line infantry. Over the past few evenings I've cleaned, assembled and readied for painting the infantry below. Secret to doing cleanup quickly with plastics is good sharp craft knife blades, scraping at about 90 degree angles to the mold lines. 

I'm initially aiming for at least a dozen 24 strong units for my French, which will require the below reinforcements. However I'm considering adding a range of extras from Perry's metal range to increase the visual interest, such as NCO's, and some mounted Colonels. Also I like some of the other Perry metals, such as the line infantry "standing at ease", so the horde might grow larger. It could be an expensive summer! And no guard yet either!


  1. Good luck Chasseur, that's a big bunch of French, I look forward to seeing them coming together!

  2. A dozen units of French will be an awesome sight!

  3. That's a lot of French Infantry to paint - of course, having them all in overcoats is kinds cheating! :-) Seriously, I enjoyed doing my one brigade of 5 units in overcoats, using different colors for the coats and shako covers for each unit; the same could be done with the pants (white, grey, brown, tan all being reasonable).

    I think throwing in some additional officers, musicians, NCO's, sappers, and maybe a vivandiere and or a dog or two is another great way to change things up.

    It is truly said that a Napoleonic Wargamer can never have too many French line infantry; I have 28 units myself, and am inclined to add another 4 to that eventually... maybe even another 8!

  4. Cheers all!

    Gonsalvo that's an impressive number of units! I agree you need more! Good idea on the Vivandiere, dog etc too.
    I actually almost sold my greatcoat figures! I much prefer the parade ground look and didn't want them messing this up :) However in the end I decided that I will put the greatcoats together in their own units, which will amount to 4 of them, or 5 if I add a few more figures. I figure they can represent some Marie-Louise units or similar and yes they will also be less time to paint,

    I might also get a unit of the 1814 National Guard that Perry make as I really like this 1813, 1814 era. They are scruffier than a American confederate!

    I confess I have already bought a large bunch of the Perry 1814 National Guard Pike... :) Madness.

  5. A b rigade opr Division in Overcoats is good as a change of pace; I have one of 5 units, and that's exactly how I use them - to represent conscripts, National Guard, etc.

    Now those National Guards are scruffy indeed! I like the pikes, though. Madness indeed! :-)

  6. Great looking units in that link Gonsalvo, cheers! Seems we have similar ideas on the proper place of the great coat figure! :)

  7. You can never have enough, its just takes a long time to paint them !.


  8. I'd be curious to know for what rule sets you are designing your war games units. There's quite a few going the rounds, even in this part of the world (and, of course, I largely stick to my own...).

    1. Hi Ion, Lasalle, Blackpowder, or whatever can be used with a bunch of figures on 50mm square bases basically. I also have individually based skirmishers, cavalry etc to try and increase the flexibility. And extras so units can be bigger or smaller. And casualty figures to be based up to indicate losses and so on. There are dozens and dozens of rule sets so I'm not building to anything too specific.

  9. There is something about French infantry in greatcoats isn't there? They still look good, in a period full of colourful, brilliant uniforms. Perhaps it is the contrast?

  10. You can never have too many line infantry battalions.