Saturday, 20 December 2014

Austrian Cuirassiers Perry 28mm

Austrian Cuirassiers are finished! Fine models once again from Perry. (Also entered into the Analogue Challenge, putting me (temporarily) into 5th place!)

I did one regiment with red facings and the other with blue. Standards replaced with brass for strength. Flags are just from Warflags again, but better sized this time.

Some rear views. The back of the collars should really be white, as most reference materials I have suggest. I'll probably come back and fix up this little detail, but ok for now and frankly I prefer this anyway!

The regiment with blue facings.

Both units again (with more Austrian Infantry in process behind them...)

Also starting to assemble the Austrian artillery. How many guns is that?! :) I've been cleaning up more bits and pieces during my lunchtime at work!

And lastly, here's my entry into the "cold" bonus round for the Analogue Challenge - a straggling infantryman feeling miserable in the snow. Considerably less strutting than the proud heavy cavalry above!

Right enough procrastination - back to the painting!


  1. Excellent work there, Chasseur.

  2. Red and White: THE most elegant and striking military colours. Superb!

  3. Quite stunning painting.

    Right up there with the best.

  4. marvelous work on these fine looking Austrian Cavalry.... plus... awesome painting skills!

  5. Oooooh, *very* shiny! I like!

    BTW, I prefer the solid collars as well, and went with them for my own Kurasiere. IIRC, the Light Blue faced regiment is the Somariva.

    BTW. if you want a little extra color, the bandoliers of the (German cavalry only) standard bearers are sometimes depicted with a squiggly line of the facing color embroidered lengthwise (sort of like a sine wave).

    The "poor bloody infantryman" looks like he could use a cup of Christmas Cheer!

  6. They look great, very nice job on these famous cavalries...

  7. Thanks for the comments again everyone - much appreciated! And thanks for the info on the bandolier Gonsalvo - a sine wave!! Are you trying to drive me mad?? ;) I will give it some consideration when I come back to the collars... :)

  8. Spectacular! They are truly impressive.

  9. Very pretty! And most importantly - a number of figures to paint - it's very hard .

  10. Marvellous looking Austrian horsemen Mark!

  11. Very Impressive!

    Love the cold and miserable looking infantryman too...