Tuesday, 9 June 2015

General Lobau - Perry 28mm

Defending against the arrival of the Prussians is where I'll be this Saturday and Sunday commanding VI Corp as General Lobau. I painted up the Perry General Lobau figure, together with a French Colonel I had lying around. Certainly looks confident enough on his white horse waving his hat around, but how will it all go on the field of glory?

Was somewhat undecided as to the colour of the hair, but went with a greying black. Here's a portrait of him in his younger days, 1792.

And much later on, but not certain of the date of this portrait. After the defeat at Waterloo he was exiled, returning to France in 1818. For services to the King of France he was eventually made a Marshal of France in 1831. He also served in the House of Representatives. 

An interval of warm weather today so happily I also managed to spray undercoat some more figures!


  1. Lovely work, Chasseur! You've got a lovely block/blacklining style that makes your figures really pop.

  2. That's brilliant . Love the ADC as well - I painted that Perry figrues a while ago but got confused and thought he was a marshal, and so painted the saddle crimson!

  3. Very very nice work! Enjoy the battle!

  4. Ah well, you know how it usually goes with the freshly painted units. I hope you have a dustpan and brush handy ;-)

  5. Thanks all, dispatches from the field of honour to follow!

  6. Great job on Compte Lobau, a quite skilled commander. Your role at Plancenoit will be pivotal to the chances for a French victory. No pressure, of course!

    My favorite quote about him (General Georges Mouton) was from his role at the storming of the Landshut bridge in 1809, by Napoleon, who quipped "Mon Mouton est un Lion" (*My* "Sheep" is a Lion!).