Tuesday, 18 August 2015

New house and new cavalry

I'm back again at last! The house shift is finally complete, and we are gradually getting things in order again. Here's the new refreshments area where strategy can be plotted.

And what do you see in the below picture? It's very strange but most people see a double garage.

However what I see is a L-shaped wargaming table measuring 14 feet by 12 feet :)  So that this...

...becomes something like this. Each square is a square foot, or 30cm. It's good to have some long term plans! Somewhat smaller tables fit in another room for more regular gaming of course! I've also found some excellent folding trestle tables, 60cm by 180cm. The setup below will take 10 of them...

New figures on the workbench too. More Austrian cavalry from Perry in the back, and in front are Polish cavalry from Murawski enterprises. Murawaski Poles have an amazingly small amount of flash compared to Perry, very nice indeed. Looking forward to getting these into action, but likely I'll finish off the Austrians first.


  1. Excellent ! Hope you settle in and one day get to play on that big table in a big big game

  2. Congratulations on the successful move, Mark, and hopefully you'll get a chance to run a few big games in "the Arena".

    I think you'll really enjoy painting the Muraski Poles. I'll have to order some of their new Badener infantry soon myself!

  3. Nice looking shack... :-) The big game notion sounds good...

  4. Great looking place Mark! The idea of a big Napoleonic game sounds good too! Enjoy!

  5. Fantastic potential game room!

    Playing out the full-blown Battle of Leipzig in 28mm is madness but AWESOME!

  6. Nice!... also looking forward to your painted Austrian and Polish cavalry units...