Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Tabletop Workshop Buildings

Some newly painted buildings. I bought these buildings a couple of years ago from Tabletop Workshop. They are plastic kitsets that assemble very quickly (floor, 4 walls, roof in two pieces). They are simple in design, lightweight but strong, and nicely textured.

Sadly Tabletop Workshop is now defunct for unknown reasons. I believe the rights for these now resides with Warlord Games. Warlord games is selling the old Tabletop Workshop Castle, but the these buildings are not currently available from them (despite some of them being listed as "in stock", they are not if you actually try to order them at the time of this post). EDIT: I believe these are now available again as helpful commenters have noted!

This building range was labelled as 'medieval', but they are very similar to the look of many Napoleonic period buildings too, for example in Saxony.  Here's some Duchy of Warsaw troops passing by.

There were six buildings available in the range, and I bought one of each and two each of the Cottage and Townhouse. The different buildings share many of the same components between kits. For example the Cottage Barn, and Stable are identical except for one of the walls being different for each kit.

Here's a look at the range.

Merchant House and Townhouse.



Chapel (actually already painted and shown on this blog previously, but repeated here for completeness), and the Cottage.

Back of them.

Barn and Stable.


The inside of the buildings is also textured and so can be painted up, keeping the roof removable. I haven't bothered painting the insides, but may at some future point.

The two storey buildings also have a second floor that slots into place.

Here it is in place.

Hopefully these buildings see a re-release soon. They are a great product in my opinion if you just want some simple but characterful buildings for medieval through horse and musket period and even fantasy games. The inside detail also makes them great for skirmish gaming for those so inclined.

As to painting I used a stupidly broad range of paints I had lying around to do these. Listed in order of coats:

  • Walls: (GW) Zandri dust, (CdA) bleached bone, (Vallejo) white.
  • Tiled Roof Red:(CdA) Brick Red, (Vallejo) Bloody Red
  • Tiled Roof Grey: (CdA) Dark Grey, (Army Painter) Uniform Grey.
  • Thatch: (Vallejo) Bestial Brown, (GW) XV88, Dark Sun, (CdA) Bleached bone.
  • Stone work: Two greys from hardware store....


  1. Thanks for the review. I picked up most of these from Warlord a few months ago and grabbed the cottage off of eBay. Nice enough detail for what they are, and will add variety to the buildings I'm collecting for horse and musket. A set of "travel" terrain has become more and more necessary locally and the durability of these should fit that bill nicely. I'm glad I have them.

    1. Thanks, that's interesting that you got them from Warlord only a few months ago, I tried but couldn't. And yes great buildings for transporting if necessary.

  2. Good houses turned out! Congratulations.

  3. Great looking buildings, inside and outside (love the roofs!)...

  4. Nice buildings, I suffer from the view that I should save my money for figures and scratch build my scenery, unfortunately this all takes time and means all my scenery is only 70per cent completed !
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, and yes, I think it can be worth spending a few pennies on the buildings given how long scratchbuilding can take, but understand the dilemma!

  5. Nice collection of buildings. I think they would look good for ECW too.

    1. Thanks Jonathan, and yes I agree would be fine for ECW.

  6. Very handy buildings Chasseur, sturdy and look the part.