Saturday, 7 February 2015

Austrian Landwehr Perry 28mm

Six regiments of Landwehr join the Austrian masses. Quicker to do thanks to all the black webbing these uniforms have! I went with grey jackets with coloured facings, as I want them to look the part for later campaigns.  Perry miniatures again.

This lot also means I'm back in 3rd place in the Analogue painting challenge - just a battalion or two behind the two leaders... :) 

Some close up shots of one of the regiments.

Very glad to have this mass of Austrian Line and Landwehr done. I've also painted up another 24 Austrian line infantry figures, so I now have the equivalent of 18 x 24 strong units completed. Now I can turn to some of the more colourful Austrian units.


  1. What a wonderful sight Mark! Great work!

  2. We always need Austrian Landwehr batalions, and you did a great job with them, very impressive!

  3. Very cool! I had a desire to paint one battalion of Landwehr

  4. Terrific brushwork on another massive number of troops.

  5. Lotsa Luscious Lead Lackluster Landwehr!

    Try saying that SIX times... LOL!

    Your productivity remains amazing, Mark!

  6. I am taken aback by the sheer number of these beautifully painted and based troops! Amazing and impressive.

  7. Excellent stuff - you can't have too many Austrians in my view,

  8. Thanks for the comments everyone! :)

  9. Wonderful work Mark - I have a few boxes of Victrix Landwehr just waiting to be put together for 1809 Archduke Charles and Vienna Volunteers so this looks very interesting. Looking forward to your post on limbers and trains.

    1. Thanks Carlo, I've got the Victrix Grenadiers, lovely figures! Will be interesting to see what you do with your lot!