Thursday, 9 April 2015

Lasalle Quick Reference Sheet

The Lasalle rules have some nice features, but I wanted a more compact version of the Quick Reference Sheet than the one supplied with the rules (which is unnecessarily spread out over 4 A4 sheets in my opinion).  So I made my own which fits on a single double sided A4 sheet.

I also included a couple of house rules (noted as optional house rules) in the Combat section. One giving a slight nerf to large units which some regard as a little too powerful apparently, and another further hampering cavalry attacking infantry in rough terrain for similar reasons. Also I converted the Base Width (BW) notation to inches (1 BW = 2 inches or 5cm which suits the bases we use which are 5cm wide). If using with base widths then either modify the sheet or remember that you need to halve these numbers to get base width measures.

Download it here:
Lasalle Quick Reference Sheet

And of course, a full PDF of the Lasalle rules is available from Sam Mustafa's site for a reasonable price.


  1. It's always nice to have these play sheets at hand. I've both Lasalle and Blucher but haven't played either. A quick look at Blucher and it looks like Grande Armee V2 unfortunately. True it has the campaign mechanism if you are fighting multiple battles over time.

    1. Cheers Ken, I have Blucher too, but haven't had time to read it yet. I haven't played GA so can't compare with that unfortunately.