Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Turkish casualties - Gallipoli 1915

Here's the last of my figures for Sir Peter Jackson's Chunuk Bair diorama, a range of Turkish casualties...

...and also three Turkish officers, and another Turk who looks like he might be routing? He's running without a weapon anyway.

Also I got urgent word from Alan Perry that the New Zealanders in my last post had been mislabelled and were in fact British! Thus a quick repaint of their tunics was in order and they are now suitably regular looking! Hopefully the colour is appropriate for British, if not a quick retouch job will be needed when they arrive in Wellington as all these figures have now been sent!

So that's my lot done. Good luck and thanks to everyone else involved, and I look forward to seeing the final display.


  1. Great work Mark ! I think in ChCh alone we have done around 50 Turk dead figures - I think the display will be quite sombre given the the amount of casualty figures involved.

  2. Excellent work on these! Congrats on finishing your bunch of the project!

  3. Very well done Mark! Certainly no shortage of dead and wounded!

  4. Looks good. Khaki at its finest! :-)