Monday, 4 May 2015

Battle of Chunuk Bair Diroma

If you haven't seen it yet, the huge Battle of Chunuk Bair diorama is ready at last. I recognised a few of the figures I painted among the masses! See my previous blog posts on painting the allied casualties and Turkish casualties. A huge amount of work in the whole thing. Here's just a few pictures from the latest Mustering the Troops blog post

There are also many interesting pictures of the construction process. Here's Lt General Rhys Jones (ex-CinC of New Zealand Defence Force), Sir Peter Jackson and the Perry Twins surveying some of the figures prior to them being put into the display.

Check out the rest of the photos on the Mustering the Troops blog. And visit the exhibition if you get a chance, it's on for the next four years!

Here's a video news clip with the unveiling of the diorama.

Here's a TV news clip about the wider museum exhibit, which also includes the amazing "bigatures", figures 2.5 times life size and very realistic looking.

Herman Van Kradenburg also has this excellent post on the battle and diorama.

And another news clip about the diorama from Maori TV.

Lastly I'll also list again this very good news clip about the painting process.


  1. That diorama is really an amazing spectacle.
    Congratulations to all that worked on this marvel.

  2. Cheers guys, a few more links added. Good to have it all done at last!