Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Polish Infantry - 28mm Murawski

A couple more Polish units done for my Duchy of Warsaw forces - some much needed infantry. These are from the excellent Murawski Miniatures range again.

1st and 8th Infantry regiments (probably). I say probably because I find uniform details pretty confusing for Duchy of Warsaw even when I have the sources. In reality I imagine the Poles were often even less uniform in appearance than many other nations and prone to changes, and scavenging gear from defeated enemies and so on. Murawski do make "campaign dress" variants if you want them, but naturally I chose to have my Polish all striding along in pretty looking full dress uniform :) 

Here's the 1st regiment, including mounted commander. Once again 36 strong units for these Poles, and flags from GMB.

I also painted up a couple of bases of light company skirmishing for this regiment.

And next is the 8th Regiment with pink facings. These regiments are all in full dress, but I wanted the officer waving his hat from the campaign dress command pack, and Rodger from Murawski very kindly included him for me. Great service thanks Rodger.

I often voice a few minor grumbles about miniatures, in the interests of being objective and because no-one will believe me if I don't suggest a few areas that might be considered in development of future ranges and so on! However I really don't have any grumbles with these. In addition to being very clean sculpts, the sculpting is also done so as to "hide" behind equipment minor details of straps etc that would otherwise have to be painted and slow progress down. This is a great feature that some modern ranges have and it is much appreciated when you're painting many dozens of figures!

That's all the Poles I had planned and my unpainted Polish box is now gratifyingly empty. But these Polish are very nice figures and nice uniforms, and I'm tempted to get some more. Maybe the 13th in their white uniforms, and another regiment of Uhlans, and more command... plus some of Murawski's Baden range of course, got to have them for Leipzig!


  1. Very nice figures Mark! I have been tempted to do Polish but just haven't got that far yet. A small Baden force would be nice too!

  2. Great job. I really like all the colors.

  3. Absolutly superb, great looking Polish infantry!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful work Mark. Very much enjoy your progression on your Poles and you must have quite a sizeable force now.

  5. Hi Mark,
    You did a great job.

  6. Lovely looking Poles they look great en masse you've got to love the parade ground look even if it's removed from reality, as representatives of the units it's just nicer to see them like that!
    Best Iain

  7. Hi Mark, thanks for posting. I don't mind the "parade dress" look as soldiers who had a chance to prepare for battle would typically get out their best dress and smarten up, if they could (not if they marched to the battlefield in a hurry). And unless it was blinking cold, the coats would all be stowed. Keep up the good work, and don't forget to invite me to your Leipzig game!

    1. Cheers John, and yes I think that too, though just the logistics of having intact dress uniforms would be quite a challenge for many Poles in this campaign I expect.

  8. so I just picked up Poles from Front Rank, and I'm doing some research on the uniforms "(probably). I say probably because I find uniform details pretty confusing for Duchy of Warsaw even when I have the sources." LOL I'm running into the same issue. I'm thinking that I'm going to do my army based on the 1807-1810 uniform - So the 1st legion. Winter uniform (blue pants and Yellow Fronts. Your figures are amazing looking.