Friday, 18 January 2019

Painting review for 2018 - year of pants...

Here's the review of my 2018 painting. A rather meagre total of 416 28mm figures for the year, with 130 cavalry and 286 infantry completed. Not much compared to the 1000+ figures of previous years.

First reason for this is that I spent a lot of free time playing games rather than painting, with Ancients and Sci-Fi as well as Napoleonic games seeing the table.  So fair enough perhaps.

The second reason was pants - Hungarian pants. I painted 200 pairs of Hungarian pants with their thrice damned knots in 2018, and I now have over 400 of them total. I've committed to never painting any more! Then there were the Hussars, Uhlans and Command figures, many of which were quite individual and had much time consuming lace and other detail to paint.

Additionally there were 28 Galatians notable for their lack of pants, and clothing generally...

So all up not a great tally, but at the same time I'm glad to have these troublesome units behind me. Plus I consolidated my terrain collection with some much needed hills, templates and fortifications  for historical scenarios, and made a bunch of casualty markers, so not dissatisfied!

32 Austrian Generals and Staff (and more rebased)
24 Cuirassiers, 24 Dragoons and Cheavauleger
36 Hussars
12 Uhlans
60 Grenz
72 Hungarians
42 Hungarian Grenadiers

24 French Generals and Staff (and more rebased)
54 French Voltigeurs (+ another 36 rebased)

Terrain and stuff
Casualty Markers
Hills and Templates
Gabion Fortifications (can be seen in this battle report)

28 Naked Galatians

Sci Fi
30 Sci Fi Scouts (no picture)


  1. The result over the past year is very impressive. I agree - Hungarian knots are hard to draw))) Mark, you are very purposeful.

  2. By almost anyone else's standard that would be a lot, compared to your past vast numbers its a bit of a drop but rather you than me on the Hungarian knot front,at least I know I have a huge pile of Austrians to get through before I even buy some Hungarians!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, yes leave the Hungarians for later so they are finishing an army rather than delaying it getting started :)

  3. Even if numbers are down from prior years, your output is still impressive. Napoleonics are not so easy and yours are always so beautiful. Well done in 2018!