Sunday, 1 September 2013

French Carabiniers 28mm Perry

Carabiniers finished. Lovely models again from Perry. Together with two regiments of Cuirassiers this will represent the Heavy Cavalry Division of 2nd Cavalry Corp at our upcoming refight of Leipzig. It's probable that many of them had light blue rather than white coats by this time, but I prefer the look of the earlier white coat. The flag is just one I printed from Napflag. I'll add some pictures of the two Cuirassier regiments when I get a chance.

Despite their name I've also left their carbines off for now, on the basis that apparently many French heavy cavalry saw them as cumbersome and cowardly weapons and discarded them or just used pistols. I may add them at a later date though. I understand the Carabiniers also resisted the idea of armour at first, regarding it as cowardly and an insult to their honour!

Next on the painting table, three regiments of Chasseurs and one of Lancers.


  1. Great cavalry - I love the Napoleonic heavies, nice work. Tried to follow but have missed the tab to click I think!!!
    Good luck with the blog, best wishes, warpaintjj

  2. Nice unit, one of my favourites although under-employed!

  3. At 28mm the Carabiniers look truly awesome, you have done a great paint job on them. My own 15mm collection is lacking these beautiful troops.

  4. Thanks for the kind words all, and for your own excellent blogs that I have enjoyed perusing.

    I think I've finally got the follow button working too!

  5. Man these look amazing the colours are perfect, love them

  6. Fantastic work on these guys Mark!

  7. Fantastic painting style, really impresive...and great blog too, I'll come back!

  8. Marvellous looking carabiniers Mark. I particularly like the way that you have rendered the bronze.

    Are you planning the Leipzig game for October, or next year? If you have not seen it already, there is a blog with links to bicentennial bashes from around the world that may interest and inspire you:

  9. Thanks James, and yes our refight is October 2013. Will be sure to post some pics. Thanks too for the great link!