Monday, 23 September 2013

French Line Lancers 28mm Perry

Lancers of the Line, 3rd regiment. Piercing in pink!

These are (of course) more metal Perry figures. However, if there's one thing I really dislike seeing it's the wargamer "bendy spear" or "missing spear" syndrome. Therefore I discarded the lances they came with and bought some wire lances with metal pennants from Front Rank. I glued them with superglue to fix them in place, and then I used expoxy glue carefully; at the base where the lance meets the boot, at the hand, and at the top where the metal pennant is attached to the wire. Bit of work but they will last forever! The pennants do look a bit big to my eyes perhaps (it might just be the camera angle), but oh well, I'll take gaming utility over aesthetics in this case. (Edit - see a later post mentioning the size of pennants here). I also cut the lances down to about 5cm total length, which seems about right given they were 2.97 metres long historically.

Composition of the Perry command pack is unusual. The trumpeter doesn't have the usual piping, and the eagle bearer is an officer and two horses with shabraque are supplied?  Not sure why, but I shrugged my shoulders and painted them up. As with the rest of my light cavalry I decided to leave the eagle, and gave this guy another lance to add to the visual impact. 


  1. Lovely unit! In some of the Chevau-Leger Lancier regiments, the Elite company had a scarlet crest on the helmet. I happen to like that variant myself... and of course the reversed colors for the trumpeter instead of the later Imperial livery, and once again I like the facing colored officer's pants.

    1. seul le 6ème lancier avait des crêtes rouges pour sa compagnie d'élite.

  2. Thanks for the info again Gonsalvo, didn't know that and I'll keep it in mind if I do another regiment!

  3. I agree on lances, I replaced mine with brass 'spears'. The only challenge now is avoiding stabbing myself :-)