Thursday, 14 November 2013

French Guard Artillery 28mm Perry

A couple of French Guard 12 pounders. Figures from Perry again.  Almost need to be on bigger bases(?), but I wanted to keep the basing the same as the other artillery at this stage, hence squeezing everyone onto 50mm x 75mm bases!  Still working on a better lighting setup for photography, but that will be sometime in the future. In the meantime, please note the blue is not really that bright in real life!

Reserve artillery was more likely to be committed in a battle than other Guard troops as I understand it, hence these are the first Guard units I've painted up (excepting many in 1/72nd scale decades ago!).


  1. Lovely work on the "Beautiful Daughters"! I have the Perry Old Guard Horse Artillery in my collection, but they didn't come out as nice as your Foot Artillery.

    You are right about the Artillery of the Guard seeing more action than the cavalry or especially, the Old Guard infantry.

  2. Great work, the blue is stuning!

  3. excellent painting I love the blue on your figures

  4. I have to agree excellent painting great colours you've been very busy