Monday, 11 November 2013

French Line Artillery 28mm Perry

Six line artillery for the French. These are more metal figures from Perry. Four 6 pounders and two howitzers. Two of the 6 pounders were from Limber packs, and I'm using an extra pack of artillery crewmen, and the "infantry drafted to help" pack, to make the overall look a bit more interesting. I still have 4 figures left over from these supplementary packs.

I was originally waiting for Victrix to release their supposed plastic French arty, but got sick of waiting and decided to make a start on these instead. I might add some more pieces from Victrix should their plastic set ever eventuate...

The front and centre gun below has a wounded officer and two drafted infantry.

The closest gun below has two gunners with trail spikes, and another reaching for the ammunition box.


  1. Beautiful guns and crews, very impressive!

  2. Very very nice work! The drafted help is a really nice addition!

  3. Like them... really looking good!

  4. You have done a great job on these - well done sir!!