Saturday, 13 September 2014

French Line on the workbench...

Spring is in the air. That happy time of year when I can get outside and use lots of smelly spray paint, and also assemble plastics with the windows wide open on account of the even more awful smelling plastic cement. Reading a recent blog post by Paul and discussing the idea of having some games got me inspired to make a start on the next round of reinforcements.

So it's back to Napoleonics, and time to make a serious dent in my unpainted French Line infantry. Over the past few evenings I've cleaned, assembled and readied for painting the infantry below. Secret to doing cleanup quickly with plastics is good sharp craft knife blades, scraping at about 90 degree angles to the mold lines. 

I'm initially aiming for at least a dozen 24 strong units for my French, which will require the below reinforcements. However I'm considering adding a range of extras from Perry's metal range to increase the visual interest, such as NCO's, and some mounted Colonels. Also I like some of the other Perry metals, such as the line infantry "standing at ease", so the horde might grow larger. It could be an expensive summer! And no guard yet either!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Waterloo Art

Just sharing a link that was posted on TMP to some wonderful Waterloo art. This guy does some terrific work, check out his website!