Thursday, 9 April 2020

Saxon Limbers - 28mm Black Hussar

Some close ups of recently painted Saxon Limber teams. Bit of a cheat here, in that while the horses and riders are Saxons from Black Hussar, I used two spare Austrian limber models I had lying around as "requisitions". Main difference from Saxon ones is the seat cover I believe.

The Black Hussar models are pretty robust compared to Perry horses/riders, but still quite compatible.

Half way through our month long lockdown here in New Zealand, which seems to be working well with only 29 new virus cases today, down from about 90 at the peak as the Ministry of Health graph below shows.  Very happy for our frontline medical stafff in particular. Looking forward to playing some games again soon hopefully!

New confirmed and probable cases over time

Friday, 3 April 2020

Bavarian Limbers - 28mm Perry

End of the week at last, and got around to taking some close up photos of the Bavarian Limbers from Perry.  A combination light blue-gray and deep sky-blue for the train driver uniforms and limbers. Perry also makes some variants with riders for the limber or caisson.

Once again the lead horses are based separately from the four horse teams.

Also started some slow assembly of more Victrix French figures to be painted up as Italians. But will be a while before they are done!