Painting and Modelling

An index of painting and modelling posts on this site.


How I Paint
How I Base
Painting Horses
Assembling and Painting Artillery
Why I undercoat Austrians Black

Assembling Plastic Figures
Assembling Artillery Limbers
Making Casualty Markers

Thoughts on painting many figures
Paint Rack and Table Review



  1. i buy perry because of the price but i read this site that if this guy could start over he would of bought only front rank figures ....well i Love to paint 28mm ...and 20mm 15 ...12mm 10mm...but 28mm naps thats my bag for now BUT IT COST SO MUCH TO BUY METAL FROM FRONT RANK BUT I LOVE THEM AND PERRY IS GREAT THE LOOK BUT THEY ARE THE RIGHT SIZE FRONT RANK IS THE BIGGEST I WANT ON MY TABLE ...QUESTION WHAT DO YOU PREFER ..

    1. Cheers John, Perry and compatible ranges for me usually, Front Rank I find a bit large and bulky but it all comes down to personal preference.