Battles Index

An index of battles played plus some links to rule resources.

Rules I've played most commonly include General D'Armee and Blackpowder.

More recently I've also used my homebrew "321 - Fast Play Napoleonic Rules" for big games.


Encounter Battle (British vs French)
Encounter Battle (Russian/Prussian vs Polish)
Encounter Battle (French Guard vs British)
Encounter Battle (Austrian vs British)
Encounter Battle (Rhine Confederation vs British)
Encounter Battle (Polish/French vs British/German)
Encounter Battle (French vs British)

Historical Battles (321 Rules)

Lugo 1809 (French vs British)
Santarem 1810 (French vs British/Portugese)
Corunna 1809 (French vs British)
Elchingen 1805 (French vs Austrian)
Albeck 1805 (French vs Austrian)
Gospic 1809 (French vs Austrian)
Jedlinsk 1809 (Polish vs Austrian)
Caldiero 1805 (French/Italian vs Austrian)

Rules Resources
321 Rules


Historical Battles (Bataille Empire)
Jedlinsk 1809 (Poles vs Austrian)

Rules Resources


Encounter Battle (French vs British)
Davout at Crossroads 1809 (French vs Austrian
Markleeberg 1813 (French/Polish vs Austrian)
Playtest Battle (French/Polish vs Russian)

Historical Battles (General D'Armee)
Jedlinsk 1809 (Polish vs Austrian)
100th Anniversary Waterloo 2015 (using simplified General D'Brigade)

Rules Resources
General D'Armee List Creator
General D'Armee Rules


Prelude to Eckmuhl 1809 (French vs Austrian)
100th Anniversary Waterloo 2015 (French vs British/Prussian)
100th Anniversary Leipzig 2013 (French and Allies vs Austrian/Russian/Prussian).

Rules Resources
Houserules for Blackpowder 1st Edition
Blackpowder 2nd Edition

Links to Napoleonic Scenarios

In addition to commercially available books, there are also websites offering scenarios. Some work may be required to convert them to your preferred rule system but if you know the terrain and troop details this is normally easy enough. Here is some of what is out there:

Links to Historical Napoleonic Battles - You Tube Channels

A growing number of videos are appearing featuring various historic Napoleonic battles, often with animated maps.  As a fine example, just released when I made this list in June 2019, see the Battle of Wagram on Epic History TV.

Epic History TV - Napoleonic Playlist
Kings and Generals - Napoleonic Playlist

Also on Napoleonic Warfare generally.
Military History Visualised - Napoleonic Era Playlist
Napoleonic Wars - map showing control of Europe each fortnight

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