Monday, 10 June 2019

Baden Line Infantry - 28mm Murawski

Baden Line Infantry. All four line regiments now completed. See my previous post on these for more information about Baden and these figures, and for reasoning regarding the flags.

Originally I was only going to have two regiments of these, but once you have two there are only another two to add and you've got the entire Baden Duchy, which is one of those difficult to resist temptations Napoleonic players experience... 

These can also stand in for when I need a few more Rhine Confederation troops with Raupenhelm for a battle.

Regiment #1, Leib Regt Grossherzog. Red facings, white buttons.

Regiment #2, Erbgrossherzog. Yellow facings, yellow buttons.

Regiment #3, von Harrant. Red facings, white buttons.

Regiment #4, von Porbeck. White facings, yellow buttons.

The Badeners put up rather extraordinary resistance at Leipzig given circumstances I think, see this account of their actions.

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Baden Artillery - 28mm Murawski

A battery of Baden Artillery. 28mm gun crews from Murawski Miniatures. Guns are some spare French 6 pounders I had lying around from Perry limbers, though Murawski do make a range of guns you could buy for them like looted Austrian guns. Carriages are painted in dark grey with black metalwork which was the Baden gun colours according to Rawkins book.

Murawski make one set of Baden artillery crew at time of this post, in firing pose.

Next up two more Baden line regiments!

Monday, 3 June 2019

Saxon Artillery - 28mm Black Hussar

A battery of Saxon artillery from Black Hussar completed. Three 6 pounders and an 8 pounder howitzer.

The Saxon guns had the wooden parts painted black (actually creosote, so a very dark grey), and the metalwork in yellow, thus emulating the black and yellow of the Saxon Coat of Arms. The yellow was likely a dark mustard yellow, which I did use on these. though with highlighting it has come out looking rather lighter in colour, especially when contrasted with the barrel colour.

Black Hussar also make Saxon crew with fatigue caps, but I preferred the look of having them all in shakos for this battery (bar a couple of officers).

The Black Hussar artillery pieces themselves are rather fantastically detailed, almost too much so for wargaming pieces really! Having to glue on the brackets that hold the barrel to the carriage (rather than these just being attached to the barrel as do most manufacturers), is a curious choice, and rather annoyingly fiddly. You also get all the equipment to serve the guns - ramrods etc, that I didn't use in this case. For modelers this is all very good though I guess!

Here's a pic from the Rawkins book of a Saxon 4 pounder gun.