Saturday, 11 July 2015

Austrian Hungarian Insurrectio - Perry 28mm

One last small effort before I start packing everything to move house in the next few weeks. Adding to my Napoleonic Austrians, here's a regiment of Hungarian Insurrectio. The Perry's make them and I buy them - it's a simple formula which means I end up with some strange units! 

As far as I understand, these troops were a like short lived Hungarian version of the Landwehr. I don't have any regular Hungarian line infantry yet, but I liked the irregular look of these Insurrectio figures so I picked up a few packs to start with. They have annoying to paint stripey trousers just like the Grenz but nevermind!

The Insurrectio didn't achieve much historically, but they add some further colour to the mix of units in an Austrian force. One day I might get some more so I can refight the Battle of Raab. See this excellent Blunders on the Danube page for more information about the Insurrectio!

The Perry's have recently stated that Austrian Uhlans and Jagers are being worked on so I hope to add those more regular units soon.