Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Painting review for 2019 - Confederation of Rhine

Just over 500 28mm Napoleonic figures painted in 2019, here's a list of links to them. Mostly Baden, Bavarian and Saxons, and good to get substantial numbers of these contingents ready. They are needed for 1809-13. A quieter year in terms of painting, given some years I've done 1000 figures, but I did more gaming this year which was good!

Total painted in 2019: 75 mounted, 423 foot, 20 guns, 2 buildings.

4 Baden Command
48 Baden Line Infantry
12 Baden Jagers
12 Baden Light Dragoons
4 Baden artillery and 16 crew

12 Bavarian Schuetzen
24 Bavarian Light Infantry
96 Bavarian Line Infantry
4 Bavarian Artillery and 16 crew

3 Saxon Command
15 Saxon Light Infantry
24 Saxon Leib Grenadier Guard
96 Saxon Line Infantry
12 Saxon Chevauleger
12 Saxon Leib Kuirassier Guard
12 Saxon Zastrow Kuirassier
4 Saxon Artillery and 16 crew

Duchy of Warsaw
12 Polish Uhlans

8 French Artillery and 32 crew


Other stuff...
Ancient: 2 Scythed Chariots and 16 Galatians
Modern: 1/285th Cold War East Germans

Plans for 2020

I didn't get quite enough done to do Aspern Essling in 2019, though at least the Granary is ready! This battle should be on the cards for later next year. I will have to find some other smaller action to play in the next week or two, likely something 1809, maybe part of Abensberg.  

Local wargames club is also planning to have a large Dresden refight in 2020, though that will depend on us having enough Prussians and Russians available!

On the painting desk right now are another 12 artillery limbers! French, Austrian, Bavarian, Saxon, Dutch. So they will be up next.