Wednesday, 20 January 2016

French Line Infantry Great Coats - Perry & Victrix 28mm

Well they are not so pretty but they add some numbers! French line in great coats. Rank and file are Perry, command from Victrix.

4 Regiments completed.

For the Victrix command figures (from the Middle Guard box sets) I replaced the banner poles with brass wire, as the supplied plastic poles are quite thin. I drilled a hole in the plastic eagle and stuck it on top. 

Getting these Victrix figures worked out quite well, as the 60 figure box set includes 12 command (4 each of officer, standard, drummer). Enough to do two regiments of 24, and supply command for another two regiments of Perry greatcoats, and have six rank and file left over.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

French reinforcements en route

Happy new year! Long time no post, but I've been slowly working away on more Napoleonics squeezed between other life events last year, like getting married and end of year work auditing. And also taking some breaks for more time and space economic 6mm scale sci-fi wargaming on my Hordes of Things blog. 28mm Napoleonics is more of a mission to organise!

Anyway here's some more Perry French nearing completion. Two Colonels and a General, without any plans about what to use them for yet - hence the lack of basing. And behind them a bunch of Perry French in great coats to add to the masses.  Quicker to paint but oh so dull looking! Still need to add their command and finish basing. 

In addition, after being impressed with the Victrix Austrian Grenadiers, I decided to purchase a few of their French in one of their free postage deals. Plus they give (or gave) a discount for buying multiple boxes. I got one box each of Old Guard Grenadiers and Chasseurs, four boxes of Middle Guard, and two boxes of line infantry. Two of the Middle Guard boxes will be Middle Guard, and the other two boxes will be Marine infantry which I need for my grandiose Leipzig plans.

Right, back to the painting! :)