Monday, 31 August 2015

Bandua Paint Rack and Paint Table review

Feeling all fired up from shifting house, I decided to improve my painting space, adding a paint rack and painting tray. Here's the new set up.

This was my old way of storing paints, and heaps of other stuff. Not very tidy and hard to find things!!

Having seen a few paint racks on other people's blogs, like this one on Kerry's blog (another New Zealand Napoleonic gamer), I decided to look around for something suitable. Given I have a variety of paints, in different shaped bottles, pots etc, I needed something flexible in what it could hold. I eventually settled on this Artai paint rack from Bandua, who make a range of pieces.

I also got this painting tray/table, as it's nice to be able to lift everything out of the way easily.

These pieces come in wooden parts which you clip together. All went together easily enough.

Here's the paint rack, which also comes with a neat brush holder. I didn't bother using any glue on this and it seems ok.

The paint brush holder hooks into the back of the paint rack, but can also detach and stand separately if you want (see packaging photo above).

And here's the paint tray. I needed to glue the side pieces of this with wood glue, and held the corners with a couple of pieces of tape while it dried.

I'm very happy with these items and should have got them years ago! Good price and it will save a lot of wasted time by having the most frequently used paints and brushes close at hand and easily accessible. The paint table will also be convenient if I'm taking my painting tasks to someone's house for painting sessions.


  1. Nice! So some more painted loveliness will appear here soon then?

  2. Looks good... but I *know* you have more paints than are shown in the rack - I sure do!

    I like the tray - I do something similar using old cardboard trays from beverages, but the shorter sides are probably an advantage to the purpose made one above! etc.

    1. Yes many more paints Peter, but interestingly I don't use most of them most of the time! :) It will help keep the most commonly used colours sorted and easily at hand though anyway!

      The sides don't seem to get in the way as far as I've experienced so far with the sloping nature of them helping with that I guess.

  3. Looks like a very nice product. I presume the mdf comes untreated? I thought of spraying it with some matte enamel paint to make it look more sleek, but I guess a basecoat for the mdf would be in order?

    1. Cheers, yes I believe the mdf comes untreated. Not sure about spraying or painting it sorry. Good luck if you try it though!