Monday, 23 September 2013

French Cuirassiers 28mm Perry

And now the Cuirassiers. More plastic Perry figures. One of the most iconic and recognisable troops of the Napoleonic period. Large men, on large horses, wearing heavy armour. The successors of the medieval knight and used in the same way. As with my Carabiniers I've left off their carbines for now, for the same reason.

I painted these last year, but thought I'd some pictures of them while I'm photographing the rest of the cavalry. I did one unit with yellow and the other with red facings. 

Yellow unit (so 7th or 9th regiment).

Red unit (so 1st or 3rd regiment).

Both regiments.


  1. Good work, that's a lot of nice troops.

  2. Good looking trops once again, even if the trumpeters are wearing Imperial Livery [boo, hiss :-) ]

    Of course, now you need to add a unit each in Rose Pink, Aurore, and Lie-de-Vin colored facings! :-)