Tuesday, 2 January 2018

2017 Painting Review

Time to review the reinforcements from 2017. Pleasingly it has turned out about the same as the 2016 total. For some reason I had imagined it was less, but over a thousand 28mm have been added again.
Click the links below to see pictures of them:
The hundreds of Austrian infantry were the single biggest painting chore of this year, but they have given a good boost to Austrian numbers and I'm glad to have them done.

Most challenging to contemplate, but "not as bad as they seem", would be all the artillery limbers!

I also added the following scenery.

The Battle of Markleeberg was the biggest wargame I played in 2017.

And I also did an interview with Mark Jessop for his Wars of Coalition Podcast.

Other Historical

My Ancient Macedonians also gained some reinforcements this year:


I also painted a few bits and pieces for fantasy/sci-fi games in 2017. Tiny numbers compared to the historicals, but I'll add them anyway for completeness!


Not including the fantastical stuff, the grand total of 28mm figures painted in 2017 was as follows. follows:
  • 846 Infantry
  • 150 Cavalry
  • 8 Guns
  • 10 Artillery Limbers
  • 8 Buildings
Very similar to 2016's total (below) in numbers and ratios in fact, though this was not consciously planned.
  • 950 Infantry
  • 134 Cavalry
  • 12 Guns
  • 3 Elephants and 6 crew

Highlights of the year would be sorting out how to do Artillery Limbers after a few years of putting them off, the interview with Mark Jessop, and running the Markleeberg battle!

Onwards into 2018... Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Terrific output and at a consistently high level of quality.

  2. Your output is inspirational. Looking forward to seeing what you do in 2018.

  3. Great work, makes me realise how slown i paint:)

    1. Thanks Leo, maybe there's a few tips in my "how to" posts that might help! :)

  4. Easily over 6,000 painting points, and almost all Napoleonic - amazing!

    1. Cheers Peter, good to have them done alright!


  5. Mark, I admire your work! You're a very cool man!

  6. Fantastic! I feel small and insignificant!

    1. Thanks! Your 250 + 25 vehicles is an impressive number but you need to add to your Napoleonic Austrians! ;)

  7. Fantastic productivity! I totally missed all the cavalry that have appeared in the last few weeks!
    Best Iain