Monday, 23 September 2013

French 2nd Cavalry Corp - Leipzig

I couldn't resist laying out the French 2nd Cavalry Corp that I'll be using at our upcoming Leipzig refight! Even with each regiment effectively representing two regiments this will still be an enormous battle - I can't wait!  I still have a battery of two horse artillery guns to add, and hopefully some limbers if I can get them done in time. Apart from that it is complete. See everyone in Upper Hutt on the 5th October!

II Cavalry Corps: GdD Francois-Horace-Bastien Sebastiani de la Porta

2nd Light Cavalry Division: GdD Nicolas-Francois Roussel d'Hurbal
1x Lancer, 1x Chasseur, 1x Hussar

4th Light Cavalry Division: GdD Remy-Joseph-Isidore Exelmann
2x Chasseur, 1x Hussar

2nd Heavy Cavalry Division: GdD St. Germaine
1x Carabinier, 2x Cuirassier


  1. 'in't they 'alf grand then?!

    You must be doing it at the same scale as we intend to Mark; 50:1? Unlike you we won't make the bicentennial though and have deferred it for about a year, so we are most impressed that you fellas are gonna make it for the big dance.

    I enjoy the latitude and interpretation that comes with scaling the published orders of battle. We also have nine units in II Cavalry Corps, but they will be:
    II Reserve Cavalry Corps, General de division Sébastiani
    2nd Light Cavalry Division, General de division Roussel
    4e Chevau-légers lanciers
    5e/9e Hussars
    11e/12e Chasseurs à cheval
    4th Light Cavalry Division, General de division Excelmans
    6e Chevau-légers lanciers
    7e/20e Chasseurs à cheval
    23e/24e Chasseurs à cheval
    2nd Heavy Cavalry Division, General de division Saint-Germain
    1e & 2e Carabinier
    1e/5e Cuirassiers
    8e/10e Cuirassiers
    Corps artillery 1 horse battery

    Once again lovely figures Mark. A most impressive looking corps. Thanks for posting the photos.

  2. Nice pictures and an impressive look! Hussars were most visually appealing than chasseurs, so a small poetic license in an OOB is understable....

  3. very impressive! enjoy your refight

  4. Thanks again guys. I look forward to seeing your groups refight next year James, sounds like the scale is the similar. Last time I looked I believe the scale of ours was about 800-900 foot = 1 “unit”; 700 or so cavalry = 1 “unit”; and 20-24 or so guns = 1 battery, but then further figures were added proportionally as they became available!

    And thanks Rafael. I'm not sure our organiser John would term his choices "poetic licence" perhaps, which is a term often used in my country to refer to overly creative substitution of units! ;) Rather this is just the inevitable result of him trying match the historic OOB of 4th division while still using full units. Technically the 4th division works out to 2.5 Chasseurs (4th, 7th, 20th, 23rd, 24th), 0.5 Lancers (6th) and 0.5 Hussars (11th). He decided to represent this with the 2 Chasseurs and 1 Hussar in our refight, and I see James' group above is going with 2 Chasseurs and 1 Lancer instead. The alternative would be just 3 Chasseurs maybe, but that leaves out a full units equivalent of Lancers/Hussars which is probably worse. At least the other two divisions of this corp translate clearly enough. In the big scheme of things I doubt minor differences in intepretation will make any difference of course! :)

    1. 'Poetry' sounds much better than 'interpretation' or 'licence' doesn't it? Besides, it is Napoleonic wargaming; poetry in (slow) motion!

      *Snap* our scales are basically the same and we interpret the ratio as units too#. It's the kinda thing that gives you totals like 3 500 figures and 53 gun models for the French-Allied and 6 900 figures and 75 gun models for the Allied army *and* your game is in around just 10 days. Whoo-hoo!!!

      Please, please, please take lots and lots of photos to share with your wargaming e-friends!

      What was in that coffee this morning? I'd better put it to work use now...

      [#BTW, I checked Pigeard's list (one of my main sources) and I do need to lose a line lancer unit, bummer! I can justify one in Roussel d'Hurbal's division to represent the 4e/2e, but not with Excelmans' mob. There goes the lovely 6e chevau-léger lanciers with its blue facings...!]

    2. Yes you're probably right about the poetry James!

      For reasons of manageability given we only have a weekend, and greater parity of the armies on the first day, we will only be fighting the 16th. This will still be impressive though, with the totals at last count being 356 infantry units, 115 cavalry units, and 91 artillery batteries for the battle. 8544 infantry miniatures, 1380 cavalry miniatures and around 200 gun models... The table to accomodate this is also the most complex I've yet seen, an enormous "y" shape with extra extensions and a bunch of reserve tables.

    3. Great looking cavalry Corps!!!

      Have a great time with the game, and I agree with James - lots of pictures, please! :-)

    4. There is nothing "only" about any of that! Eight thousand and how many infantry figures...? Sensational!

      We (at least Peter and me) may be almost as excited as you mob are?!

    5. They look great and am can't wait to see them in the flesh as I march past with my Murawski miniatures Polish
      see you there

    6. I agree with James and Gonsalvo.... We want pictures!

  5. Excellent looking cavalry, the overall impression is really nice!

  6. Thanks again, and I'll definitely try and take lots of photos. I imagine others present might have some better photography skills though and I'll link to them also!

  7. That is an absolutely awesome array of figures, well done sir!!!